Liquid cold plate solutions

Customized copper tube cold plates for IGBTcooling.Electronic components in special environments need a heat dissipation solution with low thermal resistance. Usually, this kind of copper tube or stainless steel tube is used as the channel of liquid fluid

Liquid cold plate solutions

Customized YTLCP-F16213620 cold plates for IGBT/Inverter/ Laser module cooling

IGBT’s cold plate and internal water channel use skived fin process to produce micro water channel structure, which is welded by friction stir welding process, it has very efficient heat dissipation performance.CNC precision machining of overall dimensions can meet the heat dissipation requirements of IGBT with different sizes and powers. Designed to fit standard IGBT and other power electronics applications. we can also customize anyof the cold plate sizes to fit into your application



Plates Details: Extruded Aluminum 6063-T5 Skived process to make the Micro water channel Friction stir welding process

Standard Finish: Chromate Coating High thermal Conductivity 1/4 NPT threaded input and output Low pressure drop Superior heat transfer

Measurement : 162*136*20mm,1.5kg


Semikron SemiX® 3

Infineon EconoDUAL™3

Fuji Semiconductor Spring Contact Module

Powered NX™ Series

Other IGBTs or high power devices

Thermal designing parameters


Thermal power @ 500W

The ambient temperature is 35 ­°C

The flow of water 4LPM

Thermal resistance:(46.37-35)/500=0.022



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