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Many kinds of making process, different production technology and materials, it can provide customers with the best cost-effective products,Of course, stable and mature process is the guarantee of product quality


Workshop for processing Heat sink

Based on the size of the chip power, the heat sink is also of different types. Also based on different materials, the thermal conductivity is also different. In general, the processing technology of the heat sink is more complicated. Natural convection heat sinks usually use a simple stamping process, that is, copper sheets or aluminum sheets can meet the heat dissipation requirements of the chip. This is mainly because the motherboard-level chips are basically low in power, and the surface area of the heat sink is required. Not big, use the radiation principle of the material to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation

YT heat sink factory workshop

When the power density of the product is relatively high, natural heat dissipation cannot meet the temperature control of electronic components. At this time, a power component must be installed to enhance the flow of internal air and improve heat exchange efficiency. The most common power device is the fan. Generally speaking for products with fans installed, this cooling method can be called forced convection, that is, forced air cooling heat sink.

The heatsink in this case are generally more complicated, and the production of the heat sink needs to be completed by machining, such as drilling, craftsmanship, and very precise flatness requirements. At this time, precision machining equipment must be used. CNC equipment, generally speaking, under the control of CNC program, the reliability of reference processing is guaranteed. As a professional heat sink factory, YT Thermal has about 100 sets, including 3 sets of five-axis machines. Heat sink can be made 1500*1200mm size

YT thermal heat sink factory production workshop

Soldering process heat sink, usually some electronic components are limited by space and location, so the design and manufacturing scheme of heat pipe module must be used, in order to transfer heat from the heat source to other areas or the edge of the box, where the heat can be dissipated with a fan. These assemblies are ideal for transferring heat from confined or dense areas to areas with cooler airflow or higher volume airflow from heat sink or finned chimneys.

YT thermal heat sink processing workshop