Extrusion Heat Sink

Custom extrusion heat sink with YT Thermal, In order to meet the needs of customers, we can complete on time according to customers' time, needs, We have different tonnage machines to meet customers' requirements of different sizes

Extrusion heat sink solutions

Heat Sinks

Customized Thermal Solutions of the extrustion heat sink

custom extrusion heat sink

In the electronic heat sink, the low-power chips generally use the heat sink of the profile process. This is because the price is relatively low, the production process is simple, and the machining parts are relatively small. However, usually the tooling will be affected by the thickness of the heat sink fins and height and other factors limit.

Materail: Al6063/6061/1060

Extrusion machine: 600 tons to 8000 tons

Finshing: Black anodised



Size: Customized Size

Service: OEM, cnc machining parts manufacturer

Sample Lead Time: 15~20 days

Quality Certification: ISO9001:2015

QC control: sampling inspection, full inspection

Surface roughness: 0.2 ra

Packaging Detailscartons or as request

Port: HK/Shenzhen


Design Process:

Customer’s input (drawings or asked) – Design proposal – Do the simulation

 – Make the prototype-Verification – Customer validation – Tooling fabrication

– Pre series production – Acceptance Validation – Mass production.