YT Thermal QC Control

Strict quality control system is the guarantee of product quality, we have standardized incoming materials test, manufacturing process inspection, shipping inspection and other standard processes


QC Control

The quality goal of QC is in the production process, improve and stabilize all relevant links of product performance and quality. The QC activities mentioned in daily life refer to the measures activities carried out in response to some problems affecting the product quality in the production process.

General corporate quality goals are quantitative quality indicators: such as customer complaint rate < 99%, inspection pass rate greater than or equal to 99%, etc.

Quality management:

1. The participation of all staff is very important, and a QC-style quality control circle is established.

2. Speak with data, establish a set of intelligence system for data sharing, and monitor in time.

3. Use monthly release (top worst: non-performing rate; pass rate; customer complaints and other reasons for countermeasures) quality information; it is carried out by the participation of high-level, middle-level and employee representatives.

4. After helping relevant parties to prepare the mature time for independent inspection, by strengthening the inspection system of raw materials and semi-finished products, gradually transfer from post-event to process control, and finally strive for non-inspection

YT Thermal QC control process