Liquid Thermoelectric Coolers

Custom liquid thermoelectric coolers solution, The liquid cooling plate cooling solutions, usually has very efficient heat dissipation performance, can meet the requirements of high precision instruments such as medical chip temperature control

Thermoelectric Coolers

The standard liquid cooling systems solution

liquid thermoelectric coolers solution

Liquid cooling systems are required to dissipate heat in dense electronic environments under the conditions of chip heat dissipation and stringent environmental requirements. Maximum service life requires keeping system maintenance and repair downtime to a minimum. Temperature stabilization becomes especially important as next-generation systems require more precise temperature control. A liquid cooling system is a self-contained unit that recirculates coolant to a predefined temperature set point. There are two liquid cooling options.

The liquid heat exchanger system cools the coolant in the liquid circuit to ambient temperature. The system consists of a pump that circulates the coolant, a liquid heat exchanger that dissipates heat, and a liquid loop that transfers the coolant from the heat source to the liquid cooling system. Liquid coolers (recirculating coolers) contain a compressor system instead of a liquid heat exchanger assembly. It is used to cool the coolant well below ambient and dissipate heat to the outside environment.

YThermal Thermal Systems liquid cooling systems are widely used in medical diagnostics & processing, industrial instrumentation and semiconductor manufacturing applications. The company focuses on designing the best liquid cooling solutions, and customers can focus on designing better terminal instruments. All products are manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities and meet the stringent process control requirements of many medical, industrial and semiconductor industries. The core components are produced by internationally renowned manufacturers, and the water-cooling plates and radiators inside are produced by themselves.

Standard specification dimensions are as follows:

(Length X Width X HighX Fin thickness X Fin Spacing,Unit mm)

650x1200x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x1000x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x800x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x650x90x1.2×3.6