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Soldering process, combine the reliability of passive two-phase heat transfer with a variety of other thermal management techniques to produce effective, long-lasting cooling solutions.

Heat pipe soldering heat sink solutions

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Customized heat pipe soldering heat sinks

custom soldering heat sink

Heat pipe is a heat transfer element with extremely high thermal conductivity.

It was invented in Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States in 1964 and reached the peak of theoretical research in the late 1960s. It is widely used in the industrial field. It transfers heat through the vapor-liquid phase change of the working fluid in the fully enclosed vacuum tube. It has extremely high thermal conductivity, up to hundreds of times the thermal conductivity of pure copper. It has the reputation of “thermal superconductor”. Heat pipe CPU heat sink, will have strong performance that ordinary heat pipe air-cooled heat sinks cannot achieve

heat pipe soldering heat sink

The Principle of heat pipe soldering heat sink

The heat pipe is an artificial component with excellent heat transfer. The commonly used heat pipe consists of three parts: the main body is a closed metal pipe, with a small amount of working medium and capillary structure inside, and the air and other debris in the pipe must be excluded from the outer heat pipe. Three physical principles are used in the work: in a vacuum state, the boiling point of the liquid is lowered; the latent heat of vaporization of the same substance is much higher than the sensible heat; the suction force of the porous capillary structure to the liquid can make the liquid flow.

Advantages of heat pipe soldering heat pipes

Since the advent of the heat pipe, the heat dissipation system of the power electronic device has developed a new development. No matter what kind of heat dissipation method, the final heat dissipation medium is air, and the other is the intermediate ring connected to the air. Natural convection cooling is the most direct and convenient way. The application range of cooling is rapidly expanding because the heat pipe self-cooling cooling system does not need fans, no noise, maintenance-free, safe and reliable, and heat pipe air cooling or even self-cooling can replace the water cooling system, saving water resources and related auxiliary equipment investment. Concentrated or even sealed, and the heat dissipation part is moved to the outside or far away, which can prevent dust, moisture and explosion, and improve the safety, reliability and application range of electrical equipment.

Standard specification dimensions are as follows:

(Length X Width X HighX Fin thickness X Fin Spacing,Unit mm)

650x1200x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x1000x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x800x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x650x90x1.2×3.6