Liquid to Air Thermoelectric Coolers

Custom liquid to air thermoelectric coolers solution, It can meet the different cooling and heating needs of customers. No matter what industry you are in, it can meet the requirements, and short the L/T for engineer.

Thermoelectric Coolers

The standard thermocouple Coolers-100W YTTEC -30020098 Solution for Medical Diagnostic and Analytical Instrumentation

liquid to air thermoelectric coolers solution

Heats as well as cools (when used with heat & cool / bipolar controller) – great for refrigeration of small containers and small heat loads. High density extruded heat sink and cold sink for high performance at low cost. High quality dual ball bearing fans. Keeps the air inside and outside of the enclosure separated, and 25 mm thick insulation can be used on the enclosure without impeding air flow to the cold sink. Maintains cabinet at NEMA 12 rating; production volumes can be customized for NEMA 4 (IP54 for the ambient-side fan). Powered by 24 VDC, its low power consumption makes it compatible with a wide range of our temperature controllers. Can be customized for production-sized order to meet your exact requirements. CE marked, RoHS compliant.

Medical Diagnostic and Analytical Instrumentation

Thermoelectric Coolers and Assemblies for Medical Applications

Liquid Cooling Options for PET and SPECT Scanners

Cooling for Centrifuges

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Heating and Cooling for Liquid Chromatography Systems

Heat Transfer Mechanism, Cold Side: Air – Forced Convection

Heat Transfer Mechanism, Hot Side: Air – Forced Convection

Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 48°C

Standard specification dimensions are as follows:

(Length X Width X HighX Fin thickness X Fin Spacing,Unit mm)

650x1200x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x1000x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x800x90x1.2×3.6 / 650x650x90x1.2×3.6