Thermal Pad

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Fan& thermal pad

The thermal pad is a solid product made of thermal interface material TIM (Thermal interface material)

YT Thermal thermal pad

It is usually used for sheet-like structures. Its main function is to fill the micro-voids and surface unevenness that are generated when two materials are connected or contacted. Holes, reducing heat transfer resistance. Thermal silicon wafers are also called thermal pads, thermal pads, soft thermal pads, etc. Generally speaking, thermally conductive silicone rubber sheets are made of silicone rubber and thermal powder to achieve different characteristics of thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, compressibility and so on.

Comprehensive consideration, the gap distance, tolerance, mechanism assembly, etc. between the heating element and the radiator, as long as the thermal pad can effectively contact the surface of the two objects, the smaller the thickness, the larger the thermal conductivity and the larger the contact area, all are effective. The key to improving heat transfer. At present, it has been widely used in 5G communication, server, battery industry, artificial intelligence, electric vehicle industry, military, industrial computer, medical, 3C computer, green energy and other industries.

YT Thermal custom thermal pad

Wide range of application industries include electric vehicles, panels, displays and other medium and high power electronic products, electronic components with good thermal conductivity: electric vehicles, 5G, autonomous driving systems, mobile phones, AIOT, high performance computing (HPC), servers, IC, CPU, MOS, LED, motherboard, power supply, radiator, LCD TV, notebook computer, PC, telecommunication equipment, wireless hub, DDR l module, etc. We can provide products from world-renowned manufacturers, such as 3M, Laird thermal thermal pads, because of our long-term cooperation, we can shorten the delivery time and have a great price advantage.

Standard product specifications

Thermal conductivity 1.0 W / mK series

YTTP1005 / YTTP1010

Thermal conductivity 2.0 W / mK series

YTT2005 / YTT2010 / YTT2015

Thermal conductivity 3.0 W / mK series

YTT3005 / YTT3010 / YTT3015

Thermal conductivity 4.0 W / mK series

YTT3005 / YTT3010 / YTT3015

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