Liquid cold plate

Customized 2 channel copper tube cold plates for IGBT cooling

Electronic components in special environments need a heat dissipation solution with low thermal resistance. Usually, this kind of copper tube or stainless steel tube is used as the channel of liquid fluid. The way of cooperation makes the copper tube and the aluminum plate closely linked, and there is no thermal resistance medium and gap in the middle. The epoxy resin is cured at room temperature, or the epoxy resin is cured quickly by heating, and then CNC processed. This high-efficiency heat dissipation method Water cooling plates are often used for 5G and Inverter Drive .



Plates Details: Extruded Aluminum 6063-T5

Tube Material: Copper 1100 9.52mm ODx1.24mm wall

Standard Finish: Chromate Coating

Epoxy :Aluminum Filled –High thermal Conductivity

Measurement : 57.15*57.15*15.2mm / 57.15*X*15.2mm (the X length can be 57.15-1000mm) 

Thermal designing parameters

Thermal Power@ 150W

The ambient temperature is 35 ­°C

The flow of water 4LPM

Thermal resistance:(48.7-35)/200=0.09