Heat Sinks

High-performance skived fin heat sink-120x280x75mm, suitable for Medical chipsets cooling

high performance skived fin heat sink

The design requirements:

Thermal power- 140W

Al1060 Skived fin +Heat pipes

Heat sink size: 120*280*75mm

Fin thickness: 0.8mm

Fin distance: 2.4mm

Heat sink base: 7.0mm

Input flow Fan: 125CFM

3000 PWM

(120x120x25mm Fan)*2pcs

Environment 28℃

The Max temperature of heat sink surface is below 50 ℃

The temperature difference of the same chip type is about 2 ℃

YT Thermal skived fin heat sink

Making the thermal solution for the heat sink,we can see the heat source distribution in the heat sink, the minimum and maximum temperatures, and the fan flow rate.

custom skived fin heat sink
skived fin heat sink design