ABOUT YT Thermal Management

The thermal management company is located in the National High-tech Computing Development, Songshan Lake, China. It was established in 2009. he worked as a R&D engineer in AAVID, a world-renowned heat sink company, and established YTT company with a group of like-minded technicians.
After more than 10 years of development, the company has developed from the initial simple design scheme to provide customers with system-level cooling schemes. The products and processes have developed from the simplest stamping and profile technology to high-power skived fin heat sink and friction stir welding. Liquid cold plates, brazed cold plates and other products with higher reliability requirements and It is also the most cost-effective solution.
While developing technology, we also constantly improve the company's quality system, such as ISO2001, ATF16949 and other system certificates, which have been widely recognized by customers.
In terms of intellectual property rights, professional engineers have written a lot of product patents with great applicability, and have obtained utility models and invention patent certificates issued by the government, especially the developed standard products. Customers can rest assured to buy, there will be no Any patent disputes arise.
In terms of innovation, we spend a lot of time and money to research new materials, improve production processes, and improve production efficiency; test equipment is constantly updated to ensure the accuracy of product reliability testing.
As an efficient design and production enterprise, what we pursue is not only the profit of the enterprise, but also a sense of social responsibility of the enterprise. We regard the production and delivery of products for customers as a sense of social responsibility. Move forward with customers.