Heat Sinks

High-performance aluminum skived fin heat sink - 650x800x105mm, Suitable for photovoltaic inverters, high-power IGBT and other cooling systems

YT Thermal skived fin heat sink

The Heat sink detail information:

P/N: TBS-SK6501000901.23.6

Thermal power- 7000W

Al1060 Skived fin

Heat sink size: 800*650*105mm

Fin thickness: 1.2mm

Fin Spacing: 3.6mm

Heat sink base: 15.0mm

aluminum skived fin heat sink design

 Application filed:

* High-power photovoltaic inverter heat dissipation

* IGBT power module heat dissipation

* Energy storage system cooling

* laser module heat dissipation

* The heat pipe is embedded at the bottom of the heat sink, which can improve the heat dissipation efficiency by 25%-35%